This machine is a glass stress meter measuring Compression Stress(CS) and Depth of Layer(DoL) of glass based on Scattered Light Photoelastic method. Stress distribution of chemically tempered glass which is strengthened by ion-exchanging from Lithium ion(Li+) to Sodium ion(Na+) is evaluated by this method. A glass plate that is strengthened by mixed liquid KNO3 and NaNO3, K+ layer should be measured by FSM-6000LE,on the other hand Na+ layer should be measured by SLP-product. Data acquired by FSM-6000LE and SLP-1000/2000 can be combined each other with the special software.


Measurement range CS: 0-2000MPa,  DOL :10-600um
Measurement resolution Stress: 5MPa,  Depth: 5um
Measurement precision 50um or deeper from surface Stress ±10Mpa, Depth ±10um (For standard glass)
Light Source  LD 520±10nm 30mw Class 3B or 405±10nm 30mW Class 3B
Application Chemically tempered glass, DIOX glass, Thermally tempered glass
Measurable sample shape Flat-1000R 10x10mm or more
Prism refractive index 1.518 @518nm / 1.530 @405nm
Computer Preinstalled OS, special software
O/S Windows 10 professional edition
Dimensions W320xD280xH220mm
Weight 11kg

* The data combination is required an optional FsmV dongle.

* In case of using 405nm LD continuously for a long time, the optical parts in the machine will be damaged so the parts replacement is necessary in a short cycle.