Polariscopes LSM products

Polariscopes LSM products

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All of our polariscopes are shown on the catalog and possible to compare performances among them. 
LUCEO Strain Meter’s Guide has been prepared as follows.

Guide : Crossed nicols method

Guide : Circular polarized light method

Guide : Sensitive color method

Guide : Senarmont method

About Visual Performance


Video guide for each inspection



Inspection category Observational method, Measurement method
Inspection method Crossed Nicols method, Circulaly Polarized method,  Sensitive Color method,  Senarmont method,  Rotating Analyzer method
Device type Visual inspection
–> Visual type = LSM-1000LE, 2000LE series, 4000LE series, 8000LE seriesMore precise measurement with a computer analyzing
–> Semi-Automated type = LSM-7000 product series,a point measurement
–> Fully-Automated type = LSM-9001/LSM9100 product series, 2D whole measurement