Distribution patterns of strain that appear in figures of tone willl never change even if an object made of transparent glass and a plastic material for observation is rotated within a plane of a sample stage in any direction.
Since this type is made in a compact size, it is intended to be used for inspections of parts and products with relatively small sizes, such as halogen lamps, lenses and prisms.
With this type, the object for observation can be inspected simply while holding the object with fingers. Furthermore, since an analyzer is set in an inclined state, an operator may continuously use this type while sitting on a chair.
Accordingly, it is expectable to greatly improve operational efficiency for inspections, particularly in inspection departments where all products have to be inspected.


Application – For inspections of products with small sizes, such as halogen lamps
– For inspections of parts with small sizes, such as lenses and prisms, and so on
Size W180×D245×H264mm
Weight 3.4kg
Inspection Method Circularly Polarized Light Method
Guide : Circular polarized light method

View area Effective Dimension of Analyzer:φ84mm
Effective Dimension of Polarizer:W120×D120mm
Light Source LED WHITE 3000K
Power Source/td>