For transparent glasses and plastic materials, strain, fine dusts,pinholes, etc.
can be clearly observed with this type.
This type can be utilized for inspections of glassware with mall sizes and for checking pinholes in plastic films.
Since flowage states of plastic materials for molding (stress flow within a matter) can be observed with this type,
it is feasible to check a sample for molding to know its flowage state, thereby determining if processing conditions for moldings are appropriate or not.
With such a procedure, the efficiency in the production process can be improved.


Application – For inspections of glassware with small sizes
– For setting up conditions and inspections at processing molded plastic products with small sizes, and so on
Size W180×D245×H264mm
Weight 3.4kg
Inspection Method Crossed Nicols Method
Guide : Crossed nicols method

View area Effective Dimension of Analyzer:φ84mm
Effective Dimension of Polarizer:W120×D120mm
Light Source LED WHITE 3000K
Power Source/td>