This type is adapted to measure stress onto a glass surface ranging from 0 to 150 MPa (MN/m2). With this Babinet-type, uniform measurements can be achieved irrespective of personal capabilities of the operators. Since this type is structured in a compact size with a light weight and is adapted to be driven with a battery, it permits measurements at any places. The measuring procedures with using type are simple and easy to handle for any operators. The measuring method is conformable to ASTM.


Object to be Measured Thermally tempered glass
Range H-type:0~150MPa (MN / ㎡)
L-type:0~80MPa (MN / ㎡)
Resolution Equivalent to1(As reaking angle)
Accuracy Whichever greater of a measured-value ±10% and a measured-value ±5MPa(MN/m2).
Light Source 2.5kg
Electric Source Four AA size batteries
Immersiion Liquid Used GS-1(Nd=1.64)